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Fighting cocks means native breed chickens. Native chickens may be

divided into 2 general categories which are raised for fighting contests.

And beauty With raising for slaughter and consumption of meat for food,

fighting chickens have been a pet that has been associated with society of

all classes since ancient times.

According to history, even in the royal court in the Sukhothai period, there

was a gamecock raising. In the rural way of life, gamecocks also mean their

food supply, which we

Seen from the general farming in the daily life of an agricultural society But

some places, especially Buddhists Believe that the chicken fighting sports game Is a cruel sport

Just like bullfighting And fighting fish in fighting fish sport Although the

story for the Gamecock of the King has not yet found a history that has been

given the title

Like elephants But the gamecock is a pet that shows dignity that should be

cherished. Because the story in Thai literature has already appeared And

the legend of the hero

In some places that have already appeared And even the religious

scriptures have and found the story of the gamecock That tells the

popularity of the fighting contest of native chickens

Various species In almost all regions of the world, Asian countries that like

to gamecock are Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines

and Indonesia.

 And even the western countries It is believed that it is possible that the

popularity of gamecocks from the Roman times to the present Is

widespread and is a popular source

From India, the gamecock breeding can be divided into many types. Not

because the gamecocks are a way of life and are only part of the Museum of History.

However, for various purposes, according to popularity, it has expanded the

gamecock farming into a large farming industry. And also doing export business too แทงบอล

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